Governance framework

Atlas Mara is controlled by its Board of Directors on behalf of the Company’s shareholders.

The Board

The Board provides leadership of the Company within a framework of prudent and effective controls, which enables risks to be assessed and managed. The Board is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the Company and delivery of sustainable value to shareholders. The Board has delegated certain responsibilities to Board Committees to assist it with discharging its duties. Additionally, the implementation of matters approved by the Board and oversight of the day-to-day operations of the Company is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), together with the Executive Committee (“ExCo”), which consists of senior management selected by the CEO with counsel from the Board.

Role of the Board

Specifically, the Board’s role consists of the following:

  • reviews the strategy and risk appetite for the Company
  • approves capital and operating plans presented by management for the achievement of the strategic objectives it has set
  • selects and evaluates the CEO; the Board also approves selected, senior hires
  • approves the remuneration of the CEO, ExCo members, as well as remuneration of the Board
  • is responsible for being prepared to respond in the event of a crisis
  • oversees the corporate governance activities of the Company
  • reviews compliance with the Code and any other corporate governance code the Board considers appropriate from time to time and the disclosures on corporate governance made in the Annual Report and Accounts
  • reviews annually the Board’s terms of reference and its own effectiveness

The Board has delegated authority to its Committees to undertake various tasks on its behalf and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This enables the Board to operate efficiently. Details of each Committee’s terms of reference are set out within the Board Committees section.